How it works


Companies that have will to support the people of Ukraine load Excel file with equipment and spare parts for donation.


1. An expert from company side marks items according to predefined set of categories.

2. An expert from the government of Ukraine retrieve aggregated list from all companies and define items that will be requested.


A representative from the Government of Ukraine contacts companies to coordinate delivery process.

1. Define what you can share

Use your ERP to define equipment and spare parts that your company can share. Export this list as xlsx file.

2. Upload your donation list

Upload xlsx file from your ERP. File should consist of items that your company can share.

3. Categorize your donation list

Use this solution interface to categorize items that your company can donate. This will help to match equipment that was bombed with items from your list.

1. Analysis

Aggregated list from all companies will be periodically analyzed according to most critical needs.

2. Request

The most needed equipment will be requested from your company if data analytics team will match your items to the critical needs of Ukraine.

3. Delivery

Delivery process will be started outside the system.